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Feature Article from The Whitewater Press - Holiday / Winter 2010

By Linda Bricco Schalk ~ Whitewater Press Editor

Over the years, two of the legacy places to eat in Whitewater have been owned and operated by the George Christon family, Novaks and Gus’ Pizza.  And in recent years it has been his son, Christ working side by side with his dad.  Now that George has decided to take the time to travel and enjoy his life, it is Christ who has stepped up to continue the tradition at the Novaks location, 111 West Whitewater Street, the eastern point of the triangle that outlines Whitewater’s downtown.

Christ bought the building and the business from his dad and has terrific plans for a new look and venue for the location.  

The front of the building will remain as a family style restaurant, much as it has been for many years.  In 2011 this area will experience a makeover to include a more modern look.  Christ likes to say, it will be the restaurant everyone is accustom to, only better!  

Lake Front Pub

But it is the back 2/3 of the building that will totally reincarnate into a new business and experience.  The Lake Front Pub will open early in 2011 as a contemporary restaurant and pub serving amazing food and brewery offerings.  

The bar will feature a 12 line micro and import beer tab, changing seasonally with the best draft from the best brewers, focusing on regional brewers.  Wines will also be featured, both Wisconsin vintages and global selections.

The menu will center on modern culinary trends, often found in Madison and Milwaukee.  Christ will be resourcing local and regional produce and other items as he designs his offerings to match the season.  He looks forward to surprising you every time you come in with new twists to tempt your taste buds.

The other big surprise will be the deck overlooking Cravath Lake!  For the first time in Whitewater, you and your guests will be able to sit outdoors, enjoy first class food and beverages looking out over one of Whitewater’s crown jewels, the Cravath Lake front park!  Christ will be offering both lunch and dinner dining every day.

So, as you drive by over the winter watching the progress on the building, watch for the announcement of the opening of this great addition to our community.


Not to worry.  If you have made Novaks Family Restaurant a staple for your breakfast, lunch or dinner, not only is your favorite place not going anywhere, it is getting even better!  Serving great food since 1985, Novaks has been part of the neighborhood for quite a long time.

Now that Christ has taken the reins from his dad, George, the newly renamed, Whitewater Street Restaurant is getting both a physical and menu update.  

Inside, over the next year, you will see a new modern decor.  Whitewater Street will still offer a terrific meeting and party room and the menu will still feature family style offerings, like homemade soups, sandwiches and entree’ selections for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  AND... you will have the option at dinner time, to enjoy the Lake Front Pub, as well!    

The menu will include; appetizers like Nachos Supreme, salads & fruit options, like Grilled Shrimp Spinach Salad, classic sandwiches like BLT, 1/3# Burgers like the Blue Burger, traditional gyros, classic clubs, hot sandwiches like Hot Meat Loaf, melts like Tuna Melt.  Then add dinner entrees; from the broiler, pasta, home-style and seafood and desserts, and you have more then you can possible eat through in months!  There is also a yummy kids’ menu.

Breakfast has always been one of the most popular times at Novaks and certainly that will not change for the Whitewater Street Restaurant.  From pancakes, omelets and steak and eggs, you can always start your day right!  The Whitewater Street Restaurant ... a tradition that just gets better and better!

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